Man of Peace

Under Obama the United States has been at war longer than under any other U.S. President, in fact every day of his presidency.

Since receiving the Nobel Peace Prize (and the attendant $1M prize money) the community organizer / agitator, cum president has engaged in bombing 7 countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Syria – three more countries than George W. Bush bombed. During his presidency, the Obama administration as dropped over 100,000 bombs that have resulted in how many civilian deaths? That number is obscured in false and misleading reports, contradictory estimates and optimistic military claims. Is one or thousands justified?

Obama the candidate is often remembered for pledging to end America’s wars in the Middle East. But he didn’t oppose war outright; he said he was opposed to “dumb” wars. Personally, I would think most wars if not all wars are “dumb” wars. What say you? The Obama administration has skillfully skirted the issue by substituting ‘war’ with ‘kinetic military action’ launching two undeclared wars and deploying U.S, Special Forces to 85 countries around the globe.

Throughout all this the deafening silence of the anti-war protest is baffling.

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